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SiHatter Shop | Redbubble

SiHatter is an independent artist creating amazing designs for great products such as t-shirts, stickers, posters, and phone cases.

Si's Redbubble has been Updated!

Okay so I did a little price adjustment on some things (mostly because I was short-changing myself pretty hardcore on some of it), and added a new piece (the pink giraffe).

This store will be updated with any new art you see posted here! I will try and remember to include lines on the art posts, but if you ever need to find it outside of that situation, I will go add a link to my blog page (if I didn't already I honestly can't recall).

I know a lot of us are in financial binds right now, but if you could at least reblog this to spread the word, I would be hugely appreciative - I'm trying to save for a new computer since the whole graphics card debacle and this is a big way to help!

Stay safe, stay sane, I love you all <3


Doodle of the Week!

As voted, shrooms! This...may be more than a doodle. I dunno. Define doodle please. This is definitely not a refined piece (though I might do one that is refined because I am quite pleased with how this turned out).

Tune in on Saturday to vote on the next Doodle of the Week!

A commission for @literallyilliterate !

<span data-mce-bogus="1" data-mce-type="format-caret" id="_mce_caret">Commissions are currently closed but will reopen soon!</span>

Any oldy but a goody. This is one of the first drawings I ever did of my OC Cass, back before I had a tablet and did everything with a mouse in photoshop lol

Whereas it's not super anatomically correct or even perfectly on for what he looks like, the pose and the effect on the cloak are to this day two of my favorite things.

eventually I'll get back to posting new art

It's so hard for me to loosen up and do some fun cute goofy stuff sometimes. This is one of my greatest successes in that - my oc Cass.

Who in this case is very much me lol

edit: apparently this is way back when I was maddestofthemad on tumblr - hence the signature.

Available in my redbubble store! (which I just updated a little which means there's next to nothing in it but I'm about to add a few things if I can)

Can you tell climate change deniers drive me up a wall?

note: image is transparent on items, but not here so it is easier to view.

Last throwback piece for the day. I really need to rewatch Yuri like. Now.

...and so are you.

This is an older piece, and originally it was in 3 pieces but. Since it's not sized properly I figured posting it as one image was the best bet. I have yet to successfully recreate the glassy effect used here.

I forgot I never posted these! My first attempt at a ...."somewhat" accurate drawing of myself. Kind of. I'm working on learning different body types, so it's not entirely accurate but it's also mildly idealized.


Don't mind me posting old art to try and cover up the fact that I haven't started on new stuff today...

I'm...really not sure what this was supposed to be. If it was supposed to be anything...

Me: listen, I don't even like reality tv but Queer Eye is just...I LOVE IT SO MUCH OKAY?

Friend: Right!? Isn't it so gay and wholesome!

Me: I'm putting that on a tshirt

Link for this design, two other designs can be found in the same store (edited so it's not transparent here, but it is on the items in the link!)

Wanna hear a funny thing? For years I’ve imagined the idea of staying loving and spiritual and connected to other people as keeping a literal fire going in my heart.

Keeping it tended and fed and burning strong.

A quote from a friend during a conversation we once had. I told her she had given me such a vivid image I had to go and draw it. She loved this, I hope you all do too <3