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Hoo Hoo!

Thank you to all those that came to the stream!

Sorry I haven't been active on this website things are kind of all over and I'm inconsistent as hell but


Find it here for sale (until RB takes it down) or contact me if you want a print!

Also here's the link to my twitch for any interested in future streams!

SiHatter Shop | Redbubble

SiHatter is an independent artist creating amazing designs for great products such as t-shirts, stickers, posters, and phone cases.

Si's Redbubble has been Updated!

Okay so I did a little price adjustment on some things (mostly because I was short-changing myself pretty hardcore on some of it), and added a new piece (the pink giraffe).

This store will be updated with any new art you see posted here! I will try and remember to include lines on the art posts, but if you ever need to find it outside of that situation, I will go add a link to my blog page (if I didn't already I honestly can't recall).

I know a lot of us are in financial binds right now, but if you could at least reblog this to spread the word, I would be hugely appreciative - I'm trying to save for a new computer since the whole graphics card debacle and this is a big way to help!

Stay safe, stay sane, I love you all <3

Watercolor Giraffe

My dad asked me for a watercolor giraffe for my aunt....for a late christmas present...now we're approaching her birthday.

I hope she likes it.


Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.

Viktor Nikiforov Painting - Hoping to finish today!

If the background cooperates

how do you doback grounds again? lol

Will be live in less than 5 minutes!

Starberry Novablaze

For any that came to my stream (I forgot to post the link here so sorry, I will remember next time) here is the finale!

My twitch for any who wish to watch next time

I recently changed my username and it may change again I haven't decided yet, but I have to wait awhile anyway.

Hope you all like this!

Prints (and more)!

So I finally made the decision to revamp my (extremely neglected) redbubble store. I don't...think the commission marketplace allows for already created works to be sold? If I'm wrong someone please tell me and I'll immediately switch over.

But, since I haven't been creating art as regularly as I would like (damn you universe), I figured I could at least put up art that I've already complete and see if anyone is interested! There is some fanart and some original art!

There will be a few more additions over the next couple of days, but I need to adjust sizing on some first. From now on, if I post an art that can be purchased at my redbubble shop, I will also include a link to that page.

If you're interested, click here! If not, a repour would be very appreciated <3 thank you!

My Personal Angel

Me: does no art for 2 months Me: starts something of a technique I've never tried before (watercolor), with things I've never drawn before (wings), amongst other things. -3 days later-


Si’s Doodle of the Week Voting!

Okay so I had some trouble coming up with stuff this week so sorry. Here are the options:

  1. Penny

  2. Crystals

  3. Zapdos

  4. The weird creature in my sketchbook that I never elaborated on (i know you’ve never seen it but it would be a surprise lol)

  5. My OC Cass (whom I haven’t drawn in ages but needs a revamp anyway so I’d do some loose sketching to test some things out)

as before, voting closes at 5pm EST Sunday!

Have at thee!

Snake Crowley

I post this in complete denial of the snow currently on the ground and the abysmal temperatures.

Hey guys! I need more art blogs to follow with this blog (my personal I need to follow more people on too, but really I need to either condense back to one blog or sort through who I'm following on which to make things easier on my dash lol)

So! If you post art, like or reblog this post and I'll come check you out!

(note: I will not follow you if you are under 18 - this is nothing personal, I'm just a slightly older individual and want to be careful who I interact with. You can follow me if you like - I don't post any NSFW stuff - but please don't feel judged if I don't follow back).

Doodle of the Week Voting!

This weeks choices are:

  1. Penny + sibling

  2. Snake Crowley (good omens)

  3. Zapdos

  4. Fall themed (maybe holiday)

  5. Varric from Dragon Age

I will be asking my friends IRL and also my twitter followers (what few I have lol) to vote and will compile the results here.

Voting closes 5pm EST Sunday!

(changed from 9pm cause it seems most people aren’t around that late anyway)

Have at thee!

Inquisitor Nadas’Si Lavellan

My current inquisitor! Not...the greatest representation, but not terrible! Especially considering I don’t sketch with graphite often.

Doodle of the week list will be up tomorrow!


Doodle of the Week!

As voted, shrooms! This...may be more than a doodle. I dunno. Define doodle please. This is definitely not a refined piece (though I might do one that is refined because I am quite pleased with how this turned out).

Tune in on Saturday to vote on the next Doodle of the Week!

A commission for @literallyilliterate !

<span data-mce-bogus="1" data-mce-type="format-caret" id="_mce_caret">Commissions are currently closed but will reopen soon!</span>


Alright I'm going to start this out with an example or two of conversations I've had, and that I know many others have as well

Example 1

Person: wow I love your art I wish I had that kind of talent! Artist: You can you just have to practice! Person: No way - I could never do that! Whenever I try and draw they're just stick figures hahahaha

Example 2

Person: I kind of hate your talent in a very jealous manner Artist: oh...I mean, you know I've worked for years right? You could do this too if you wanted, you just have to work at it. Person: No way I could do that!


L i s t e n

Is there such a thing as talent/affinity for things? Fuck yeah. But no matter how much talent - or lack thereof - that you have, you have to work at something to be good at it.

Take example one for instance

Do you know how much I draw stick figures? I still draw them a lot. Full bodies are hard and I still have to trace a reference a bit to get them right, and hell sometimes I just wann have fun and doodle and not worry about anatomy (seriously fuck anatomy)! Plus, how many comic strips/memes/etc. have you seen that have stick figures and it's a style choice and it works?

Everybody starts somewhere. If you like drawing stick figures? Go with it. Draw the best damn stick figure the world has ever seen.

But example 2...example 2 is the one I hate the most

because not only are you putting yourself down when you say that to an artist you're also making them feel bad for having something they worked very hard for

This instance just happened to me.

I'm 29 years old. I've drawn on and off for the majority of my life. I've recently started taking classes and picked up a studio art minor. I doodle in the margins of my notes. I occasionally watch streams and tutorials. But most importantly? I fuck around. I try new things. I learn what works for me (and what doesn't) and I build on that.

If you had shown me this image two years ago and told me I would be able to sketch it (in under 30 minutes no less)

I would have laughed my ass off at you.

But two years, a lot of practice, and a drawing class later

And I've learned how to approach things. But I still mess up. A lot. I still trash things. My WIP folder is constantly growing in size and often I'll go back a month later and realize I've improved so much that if I want to work on something in that folder I might as well start over.

Art takes dedication, time, and effort - IT IS NOT AN INHERENT TALENT

And just like anything else, if you don't practice and you suddenly pick it up again - it's going to take time to get back into it.

So do your artist friends a favor.

Don't be either of these examples.

Complement their work, tell them how much you love it - but you don't have to put yourself down when you do it, or make them feel guilty for what they have accomplished.

Offer to commission them.

Ask them for advice on how they got to where they are, or how they learned how to draw something

All of these things are considerably better than the examples above, and foster more understanding between non-artists and artists, rather than creating a divide that leaves non-artists wondering why artists are asking the prices they do on commissions - but that's another rant for another time.

Please be kind to artists, and recognize the effect your words can have.

Thank you.

Alright guys, here we go!

(if you can't commission please reblog!)

Most information can be found in the graphic above, however here's a tiny bit more to cover my bases:

  • Commissions will be completed within 2 weeks of accepted date
  • If you would like to preview the piece before it is done, I can send a preview of the lineart/sketch layer prior to completion (free of charge)
  • If there is a style you do not see listed here but would like to commission me for, send me a message! There's a chance I may be able to work something out, but not a guarantee.
  • Further examples of my work can be found here!

COMMISSION SLOTS (soon as I have time I will make a page on my blog so you can view these in real time)

  1. open
  2. open
  3. open
  4. open

NOTE: Commissions done on a first-come first-serve basis and now is the time to grab them! Fewer slots will be available once the semester begins.

This sale will end August 1st, then the prices in black will become the norm (I also reserve the right to change those prices between now and August 1st, but the yellow prices will not change for the duration of the sale).

Sale opens Monday, July 1st - feel free to send in requests prior to this point, but the 2 week deadline will start from July 1st, as I will not have access to my tablet the majority of this week.

This is my first time doing commissions so PLEASE - if you have ANY questions or concerns please please please do not hesitate to contact me and ask.

Happy shopping!

Commissions Coming Soon

Going to be making a post regarding commissions some time today!

I'm altering a bit what I was going to do, due to the up and coming artists marketplace.

Good news is


I'm doing this for two reasons

  1. to give you guys a chance to commission me if you want to, but don’t quite have as much funds as either of us would like

  2. boost advertising for myself and try and gather a bit of a following so when the marketplace opens I might actually get some commissions

full details will come later, along with examples (that I currently have) of styles I am willing to do, and prices Some categories will not have examples yet. If you have a request that’s not listed I MAY be interested in figuring something out so don’t hesitate to ask!

once more



details to follow

Any oldy but a goody. This is one of the first drawings I ever did of my OC Cass, back before I had a tablet and did everything with a mouse in photoshop lol

Whereas it's not super anatomically correct or even perfectly on for what he looks like, the pose and the effect on the cloak are to this day two of my favorite things.

eventually I'll get back to posting new art

It's so hard for me to loosen up and do some fun cute goofy stuff sometimes. This is one of my greatest successes in that - my oc Cass.

Who in this case is very much me lol

edit: apparently this is way back when I was maddestofthemad on tumblr - hence the signature.