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the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma

yes thats a spongebob quote

I colored some of the ink drawings I made ! Those liquid watercolors got everywhere, but they're very bright!

Some doodles I posted on insta earlier today

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do you know what lives under the ocean?

i got inspired by the astral observatory

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oh yah i forgot this

starrieskies -

[id: a drawing of my oc, bee. they have tawny brown skin and dark brown eyes. they have fluffy shoulder length brown hair. are wearing a red cloak with playing card patterns on it, and a red coat underneath. they have white stockings and dark brown fur boots. they are walking towards the left of the camera while looking up. end id]

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Original: iPad, clip studio paint

8x11 metallic prints available!

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[ID: Artwork of my persona who's space creature with rainbow trimmed bubble hair. My sona is in a mid skip pose. They wear big puffy black pants, a button shirt with black bow tie, and black oxford shoes. They also wear round black shades. End ID.]

Last art of the year. Heyo.

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my first full illustration of 2020!

tobin stays awake all night when he gets really wrapped up in a tailoring job, which is why he always comes off so lethargic during the day 😪

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pppppbbt, mmm vines, haha noooo it's totally not a medusa-d person, what are you even talking about ppppppffft

open the images in a new tab to view the text!

Hello! I’ve finally written (and drawn) up some lore for farraige and aerandir’s story. Dragon-Shifters are a key part of the story, as farraige (pictured above with aerandir) is one.

This is my first time putting together lore/worldbuilding for people besides me, I hope it’s interesting!

what started as a costume concept for the ren faire turned into a whole oc. oops

anyways here’s fionn, a melancholy faun of frost

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sunpop -

Starf (star scarf)

warmup doodle of orpheus!

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So, about that hot (flying) pirate ship captain I dreamed about... It really was only a matter of time until I drew him.

And I remembered that, apparently, his name was Emile. I'm now even more mad that I woke up, this story seemed so juicy, I NEED more!