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Watercolor Giraffe

My dad asked me for a watercolor giraffe for my aunt....for a late christmas present...now we're approaching her birthday.

I hope she likes it.

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I forgot I never posted these! My first attempt at a ...."somewhat" accurate drawing of myself. Kind of. I'm working on learning different body types, so it's not entirely accurate but it's also mildly idealized.


Don't mind me posting old art to try and cover up the fact that I haven't started on new stuff today...

I’m in the fucking worst conundrum right now

cause like I had a good time and now of course my anxiety is setting in and I’m trying NOT to freak out about seeing her again later this week

but she..keeps messaging me. And I just need a break. My social energy was depleted after those 2 hours today that’s...so much more energy than I’ve used in a long time

but also she leaves in two weeks so like

if not now. When? Right?

so I’m just chasing myself in circles in a stoned, late night, very tired, depression dip that we neurodivergents know oh so well